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Reggie’s Forest is a documentary film highlighting the folk lifestyle of Reggie Mariner, an Eastern Shore legend. This documentary manifests how Reggie was able to mindfully create a village inside of the forest, while respecting the natural wildlife within it. With a cast of characters including the Mariner Family, naturalists, notable Eastern Shore locals, and, of course, the diverse creatures of the forest, this story is told to show the importance of protecting our forests. 

Reggie’s quest is to use the land AND live within Mother Nature. As he revitalizes his home at Mariner’s Country Down in preparation for his granddaughter’s wedding, Reggie demonstrates his intentionality in respecting the wildlife and the environment that they mutually call home.

Brought to you by Unscene Productions

Thanks to our hard-working crew that captured this wonderful film! We'd like to thank Simona Calin, Matt McQueeney, Bryan Russo, and Dave Messick.

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The documentary Reggie’s Forest is a story filmed on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.